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After Sales Services

Spending as much time as we do in the workshop it becomes quite easy to become fixated upon creating luxurious and beautiful jewellery. However that being said, we endeavour to maintain our commitment to our customers and the jewellery we create.

Observing the day to day activities of employees and managers of King Street Design I have discovered an environment in which these craftsmen express pride in their work. Each piece of jewellery no matter how small or large is a reflection of a jewellers skill and knowledge.

Crafting jewellery is an art form and like all artists we would hate to see pieces of art damaged. Therefore we have taken it upon ourselves to offer a service of care for all customers who so choose to purchase and create jewellery with King Street Design. Our customers enjoy a discounted service whether it be a polish, clean, resize, safety check or even a repair. These services are not limited to our customers; we do offer the same service to all however they would not receive the same discount.

Please do not forget to remind your jeweller you purchased your jewellery from King Street Design to receive your discounted service (don’t worry if you forget we will remember, we can recognise all our work).

  • A polish and rhodium dip will take one to two days and cost between $60 – $80 each piece.
  • The average repair takes about three days or more to complete. The price for each repair will vary, your jeweller will provide an overall cost before work commences.
  • A ring resize will take roughly between two to three days.
  • A general clean will take roughly 5 – 10 minutes and is a free service for King Street Design customers
  • Safety checks also take 5 – 10 minutes, free for King Street Design customers.
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