view Marquise diamond using a V setting with pave diamonds on the shoulders.Please inquire for a quote.
view Round Brilliant Diamond ring, Four claw setting, shared claw shoulder setting. Enquire for a price.
view A single 3ct Princess Cut Diamond adorns the centre of this piece in a four claw setting. A channel of carre cut diamonds wraps around the entirety of the ring. Prices are negotiable depending upon the number and quality of the stones used.
view Ascher cut diamond ring, three bead setting, shared claw shoulder setting.
view Round Brilliand Diamond ring in an eagle claw setting, shared claw shoulder setting.
view Princess Cut diamond ring, pink diamond and diamonds in a channel setting.
view An 18ct White gold creation, adorned with 68 pave round brilliant diamonds and finished off with a 1ct Princess cut diamond.
view Cushion diamond in a four claw setting, shared claw setting.
view Three four claw Emerald Cut diamond settings
view Single stone 6 claw Round brilliand diamond ring. Fine half knife egde ring, half round.
view Cushion cut pink Sapphire, full milligrain bezel. Pave milligrain setting.
view Princess cut diamond, full milligrain bezel. Pave milligrain setting.
view Round brilliant diamond, eagle claw setting, Novo.
view 2ct Round Brilliant diamond in full bezel, surrounded by pave seet diamonds.
view Two Trillion cut diamonds flanking an Ascher cut diamond set in a 9 prong setting.
view Round Brilliant diamond set in a four eagle claw setting, surrounding diamonds set in novo style.
view Three emerald cut diamonds set in a three stone eagle claw setting.
view Oval cut diamond in a four eagle claw setting, surrounded by novo set diamonds.
view Three Emerald cut diamonds set in a 9 prong setting.
view A single Princess cut diamond in a four claw setting, shoulder stones set in channel style.
view A Round brilliant diamond in a four claw setting, flanked by two pear shaped diamonds in V style settings.
view Princess Cut diamond in a four claw setting, surrounding diamonds set in a four bead novo setting.
view Round Brilliant diamond in a six claw setting, the shoulders use a shared claw setting style.
view A cushion cut diamond framed by 16 pave set round diamonds with a milligrain edging. A further 14 diamonds pave set into the shoulders framed by more milligraining, there is also a single diamond set sealing the setting and the body of the ring.
view The centre stone is a Cylon Yellow Sapphire. The stone has been set in a four claw yellow gold setting which is has also been adorned with diamonds across the face and arms. This rings white gold split band is also encrusted with diamonds. Viewing this ring from the top gives an illusion of continuos diamond flow. The point of contact between white and yellow gold has been sealed with a pair of diamonds each on either side of the piece.
view A six claw setting jealousy clutches a 2.8 carat diamond. The shoulders of this ring have been set with two different sized diamonds. The larger diamonds in the middle, accompanied by a pair of smaller diamonds on either side create two clean sparkling rather pronounced lines grasping and leading ones attention to the main attraction.
view Usually we would call a piece like the 'Pera' unusual or out of the ordinary. This piece's extra-ordinary design compliments the 2 carat pear that sit upon a throne of diamonds. A total of 80 diamonds embellish the bezel setting and the split band.
view An elegant and classic engagement ring. Six claws grasp a 1.2 carat diamond, whilst the band finished in high polish leaves all the attention where it should be held.
view 1.3 carat princess cut diamond in a square pave setting framed by 20 round diamonds.
view A four prong 18ct white gold setting caresses a single square 1.35 ct pink sapphire. The ring has been adorned with 20 round brilliant diamonds framing the setting and half-way down the band. This ring is currently in stock and available for viewing.
view A single 1 carat round brilliant diamond in a six claw setting sits upon an 18 ct white gold band adorned in pave set round diamonds.
view Three round brilliant cut diamonds in a trinity setting.
view The Toumale. This 18 ct white gold ring is a reflection upon symmetry and our love of balance. The face of this beautiful ring is adorned with 34 diamonds, with a glowing 1.75ct tourmaline stone at its heart. This piece is valued at $2000 incl. GST.
view This brilliant stone is known as the Peridot. This Peridot weighs in at 3.66 ct, variations of lime green to dark forest green are not uncommon with this type of stone. The body of this ring has been jewelled with 134 diamonds, carefully set in micro pave style. The claws grasping the Peridot are known as Eagle claws.
view An 1.5 carat emerald diamond set in a four claw setting. The setting itself is encrusted with diamonds on all 8 of its sides.The band itself has been set in the same way with 6 of it's sides half set in diamonds.
view A 3.5 carat emerald cut diamond in a twin claw 4 claw setting, flanked by two baguette diamonds held by four claws.
view A 2 carat round brilliant diamond in bezel setting. A halo of diamonds surrounds the center stone.
view White gold encases a 1.1 carat marquise diamond in a bezel setting. 22 round diamonds encompass the marquise. A white gold split band embellished with diamonds.
view 2 carat asscher cut diamond engagement ring.
view 2.3 carat cushion cut diamond in a four eagle claw setting. This piece has diamonds set around the band in full eternity and also on the setting.
view A classic 2 carat shaped diamond in a white gold setting.
view 1.54 ct Blue Ceylon Sapphire surrounded by 30 round brilliant diamonds.
view A single 1.6 carat emerald cut diamond flanked by 2 pear shaped diamonds.
view A 2.6 carat round brilliant diamond in a setting built for three, the two neighbours known as pear shaped pink sapphires create a fantastic contrast of colour. All stones are encircled by pave set diamonds.
view 2.26 ct Diamond engagement ring.
view 1 ct G SI diamond engagement ring.
view .51 ct IF D colour diamond engagemenr ring. Currently in stock.
view A radiant cut diamond, accompanied by two trapezoid diamonds set into a 18ct white gold three stone ring.
view A four corner setting holds a 2 carat princess cut diamond, the ring and setting are covered in diamonds from head to toe.
view Princess cuts for a princess. A four claw corner cut setting holds a 1.2ct princess cut diamond in an 18ct white gold ring. The band, channel set with princess cut diamonds, frames our centre stone. A truly gorgeous design a popular design for lovers of princess cut diamonds.
view 4.10ct Ascher cut diamond ring in a white gold four claw setting.
view A stunning sapphire and diamond ring. A white gold setting caresses a dazzling sapphire and its surrounding diamonds.
view A maginificent double diamond halo ring with diamonds set down well rounded shoulders. The centre stone creates a brilliant show of the fire of each diamond set into the ring, shining like a star this ring has been appropriately named Hassaleh.
view Pear shaped diamond.
view Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds!!
view A white gold tanzanite ring with diamonds set full eternity around the band.
view Cushion cut diamonds sits in a diamond pave set bezel setting. The sweep up band is entrenched with 16 channel pave set diamonds.
view From the depths of the earth through the hot magma and millions of years of cooling and high pressure, the earth produces Corundum also known as sapphires. Diamonds also follow a similar birthing process. This particular white gold ring has been bejewelled with a single 1.35ct blue Ceylon sapphire. The Ceto's halo and shoulders are adorned with diamonds in pave style with a mill grain finish. This ring is currently in stock and available for viewing.
view An oval brilliant diamond set in a four eagle claw setting sits perched upon a single halo of novo set round diamonds. This design has been crafted in 18ct white gold, with the band novo set with round diamonds half way around (half eternity).
view A cushion cut yellow diamond, set in a four claw 18ct yellow gold setting is the centrepiece of this design. The halo and split band has been crafted in 18ct white gold, novo set with round brilliant diamonds all around.
view A 1ct diamond sits securely in a 6 claw setting. This particular piece has been crafted in platinum and finished off with a satin polish and phodium. This ring can be crafted in white gold, yellow gold and platinum.
view An oval cylon blue sapphire set within a four eagle claw, 18ct white gold setting captures the eye immediately. The band novo set all the way around with round brilliant diamonds.
view A classic design, crafted in platinum, adorned with a single 2ct round brilliant diamond and set into a four split claw white gold ring. Scrolls crafted into the side of the ring compliment the smooth style of this design.
view We love diamonds, sapphires and mixing 'n' mathcing our favourites. This particular design is a medley of 18ct white gold, pink sapphires and a dazzling 1ct round brilliant diamond. Novo set sapphires gently caress a four claw set diamond, in this elegant design, intended to emphasise the (sometimes) harmonious nature of stone and metal.
view A four eagle claw setting grasps a cushion cut brilliant diamond, the centrepiece of this design. A Platinum split band compliments the setting , emphasising the minimalist style of this design.
view A platinum, millgrain, diamond encrusted beauty. The Avor sets the stage with a dazzling cushion cut centre stone, bezel set, with a milgrain finish. A halo of bead claw set diamonds surround our cushion and continue the milgrain theme. The shoulders of this piece have been set on all three sides with diamonds, all bead set and framed with a milgrain finish. Highlighting a vintage finish melded with modern setting styles. To cap it all off we've dropped in a princess cut ruby, into the setting. it should be noted we can add almost any stone into the setting. In the past we have seen people favouring the use of their birthstones as a final, very personal touch.
view A classic design revived and improved with the more than welcome addition of an Australian blue emerald cut sapphire. Australian sapphires' have a distinctly rich and deep blue colour. the centre stone, in a four claw setting, is framed by a milgrain, vintage style halo adorned with round brilliant diamonds. The milgrain continues along the band with even more diamonds set half way around. This particular piece is crafted in 18ct white gold.
view A 3ct diamond G VS1 sits perched upon a full eternity band. A stunning piece, truly reflecting and refracting the unique lustre of the diamond.
view A six claw 18ct white gold setting grasps a 3ct round brilliant diamond. Don't be put off this design is suitable for all sizes and shapes of gemstones (our jewellers will be happy to provide their recommendations). The band crafted with a smooth half round finish and comfort fit inlay.
view The Roja, crafted in 18ct white gold, has been set with a lovely 3ct round brilliant diamond as it's centre piece. A four eagle claw setting caresses our stone, flanked by eight channel set baguette diamonds.
view The Casi is all about symmetry and lustre. An emerald cut diamond sit in the centre surrounded by four walls of princess cut diamonds. A white gold split band is also adorned with princess cut diamonds. This piece is completely customisable, pleae enquire for further information.
view A single diamond perched upon a upward sloping white gold tapered band. Crafted specifically to emphasise the brilliance of the diamond. This particular 2ct G colour, VS clarity diamond is set with four eagle claws.
view Two tapered baguette diamonds flank a gorgeous 1.5ct G colour VS clarity diamond. A classic design gradually modernised over the years. The ring itself crafted in 18ct white gold is a half round, high polish with a comfort fit inner band.
view A radiant emerald cut diamond (G,VS) set into a white gold split claw setting. The band itself is crafted in rose gold, fashioned into a split design with half the band set with round brilliant diamonds. A dazzling frame for a beautiful diamond.
view An emerald cut radiant diamond set into a platinum split claw setting captures the essence of the word 'radiant'. A pair of trapezoid cut diamonds compliment our centre piece along with round brilliant diamonds set all around the band.
view A full eternity platinum band, set with round brilliant diamonds, supports a 1.8ct Oval diamonds grasped by four eagle claws.
view A bead set princess cut 1.5ct diamond (G,VS) sits amongst a halo of round brilliant diamonds. This design is supported by a sweep up platinum band pave set with round brilliant diamonds half-way around.
view A cushion cut brilliant diamond (F, VS2) takes centre stage in this particular design. surrounded by an all star cast of 17 round brilliant diamonds channel set into a white gold setting. The band also white gold, crafted in a sweep up fashion is also channel set with round brilliant diamonds half way around the band.
view A 2.5ct round brilliant diamond (F, VS) adorns the centre of this beautiful knot design. The weave is adorned with pave set round brilliant diamonds all the way along, the white gold band is also pave set with round brilliant diamonds 3/4 of the way around.
view The heart is at the centre of all things and this case no different. A gorgeous heart shaped diamonds bezel set into a white gold ring, which also adorned with pave set round brilliant diamonds all the way around. A truly dazzling and stunning ring.
view A dazzling 2ct round brilliant diamond, in a four claw eagle setting, sits amongst a halo of more diamonds finished off in a cut out claw setting. This trend continues all the way around the band, a full eternity. This design has been crafted with a inner-sizing spring intended to achieve a snug and comfortable fit. All crafted in 18ct white gold.
view A 2ct round brilliant diamond set in a four eagle claw 18ct white gold setting, encircled by a novo set double halo. A split band, also novo set, holds the setting and the accompanying diamonds.
view A 2.06ct, pear shaped, Cylon blue sapphire sits perched upon a 18ct white gold setting. Flaunting its' signature rich blue brilliance. A single halo and half eternity of novo set diamonds compliment our sapphire.
view A four claw white gold setting gently grasps a 1.3ct princess cut diamond (F, VS). Twelve princess cut diamonds also adorn the shoulders of our ring.
view A classic remake incorporating round and princess cut diamonds. A single 1.25 ct diamond set into a four claw 18ct white gold setting adorns the centre of this ring. The shoulders decorated with twelve princess cut diamonds.
view A 2ct round brilliant F in colour, VS clarity diamond set into a 18ct white gold bezel setting. A simple, elegant design highlights the ebst features of the set diamond.
view A 1.6ct pear shaped diamond sit upon an 18ct white gold bezel setting, carresed by micro claw novo set halo and 22 round brilliant diamonds. The shoulders adorned with more micro novo set diamonds.
view A 1.8ct pear shaped diamond, sits perched upon a micro claw novo diamond set halo. Crafted in platinum and finished with high polish and comfort fit band.
view A 18ct white gold band and setting supports a three stone setting. Two pear shaped pink sapphires flank a single 1ct round brilliant diamond.
view A dazzling 18ct rose and white gold double halo design. Set with 44 round brilliant diamonds, on a split band. The centre halo has been bejewelled 12 lovely pink diamonds framing a glowing cushion cut diamond.
view A beautiful 18ct white gold single halo diamond set engagement ring. The centre stone set with four eagle claws and the shoulders nova set.
view A rather large and rather brilliant diamond sits proudly upon this six claw platinum setting. The band itself is a knife edge finish. All aspects of this design draw attention to the superstar of this show, the 3ct diamond.
view A three stone 18ct white gold engagement ring, set with three emerald cut diamonds.
view Colour me Tanzanite! A great combination highlighting the contrasts between gemstones and precious metal.